Business Advisor, Coach, Strategist, Facilitator and Planner

Yarraman Group was formed to provide a platform to showcase the expertise of colleagues and legendary individuals allowing connections to be made to make people and businesses bigger, faster, fairer, more profitable, and positive!


Helping business growth faster, with positive impact

Yarraman Group was formed by Pete McCann in 2020 to bring together the extraordinary pool of talented people he and his wife Ann Donohue interacted and worked with over their respective successful corporate careers.

The idea is to create a platform to inspire connections, share expertise and create positive connections for advice and coaching.

Business Advisor, Strategist, Direction

Providing business advice for start ups through to established businesses.

Creating Company Purpose & Values

Facilitating the roll out and cascade of the Purpose & Values throughout the business.

Performance Development & Coaching

Leader as coach – growing capability, confidence, and decision-making skills.

People & Culture

Implement policies, procedures, programs, software and structures across the business.

Education & Training

We will develop content in line with the priorities of the business.

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning, distribution decisions, pricing models, media strategy and tactics...

Procurement & Implementation

Scope the requirements and nonnegotiable functionality and finding the best solution(s) for your business!

Financial & Management Reporting

Providing a path to follow for Financial Enlightenment – processes, structure, roles and responsibilities, revenue targets...

Environment , CSR & Governance

What does your organisation stand for? What goals do you have, other than to make a profit?


Indigenous roots and purpose driven venture

Pete discovered his Aboriginal heritage just 4 years ago after his Aunt researched the family tree. This was both a hugely positive experience, bringing a sense of pride and connection but also uncovered for him just how broken and unjust the treatment of First Nations People has been and remains to this day.

Naming the company Yarraman provides a link between Pete’s youth as a Country kid in the Central West and his newly found connection as a Wiradjuri Man.

The first partnership Yarraman Group entered was with Spec Services Commercial starting as a business advisory and mentoring conversation and in 2021 developing into the formation of Spec Indigenous – a majority Indigenous owned cleaning company and facilities maintenance company.

It became evident that the colleagues and friends Pete and Ann have developed throughout their careers as well as their own skill sets provided a valuable resource to Spec Services Commercial. It wasn’t networking; it was calling on trusted advisors and experts and tapping into the toolkits and knowhow these individuals possessed.


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