Brian Quirke

Leadership Coach & Career Coach

”I create the opportunity for intelligent people to think, explore and grow.”
Leadership Coaching
Career Coaching

Personal Experience

I’ve been in the business world for a long time working in organisations large, medium and small (including PHR Consulting for the past 15 years). I’ve led significant business units (Head of Metropolitan Retail Banking and functional divisions (Head of Group Human Resources) of both Australian and international organisations.

If we thought that leading and managing individuals and teams effectively was very challenging then Covid has ushered in complexities that will test all but the most capable of leaders. Every facet of the employee/employer relationship is under stress and this has changed the critical leadership competencies for success in a world of remote working, virtual teams, fragmented workplaces, changing employee expectations, engagement and performance management. Covid has also provided many with reason to reassess life, relationships, goals and the nature and importance of their work.

These days I coach managers (sponsored by their employers or privately) in the SME sector or selectively in larger businesses – I no longer work with government entities and most large corporates, it’s too complicated.

Clients include first appointment managers, functional specialists, divisional leaders and CEOs. I work with them to enhance and develop their thinking, listening, leadership, political and personal capabilities knowing that if I can guide them towards a more fulfilling life as a leader (& as a person) they in turn can positively impact those they lead, live and work with.

Put simply……”I create the opportunity for intelligent people to think, explore and grow”

Additionally, I have extensive experience as a senior executive Career Coach an selectively take on retail clients.