Savvas Leondas

Human Behaviour Specialist

Leading facilitator, coach and mentor who has invested over 25 years in the fields of organisational, professional and personal development.
Executive Coaching
People Development

Personal Experience

Savvas has a Bachelor of Engineering from Monash University and had 10 years’ experience in various Engineering and IT roles prior to establishing his own practise, Savvas Leondas Enterprises.

He has sound commercial knowledge and broad business experience working with SME (Small-to-Medium Enterprise) businesses as well as individual units within larger organisations. This enables him to support the CXO, senior managers, professionals and entrepreneurs through the process of growth and change with insightful, practical, proven and often fun methodologies.

Savvas’ success has come from working with PEOPLE to achieve measurable, sustainable results over the long term, with a commitment to making a positive difference at a business or personal level. This can only work if a win-win agreement is created, based on a shared value system. A trusted advisor, Savvas is often described by his clients as being refreshingly honest, without compromising the experience or the end result. Coaching, facilitation and transformational solutions are designed to challenge people to explore their current way of ‘working or being’ with the potential of finding more effective options. His business philosophy is simple: Add value, create long term relationships, stay profitable and enjoy the journey!