System Scope - Procurement and Implementation

The jump from start-up to medium sized business means looking at automation and software to be able to scale. You can’t keep processing invoices at midnight every night for long! The sales reps for most software companies are skilled and relentless.

The Yarraman Group Experts can scope the requirements and nonnegotiable functionality and then go to market and find the best solution(s) for your business, future proofing and ensuring fit for purpose. It is hours of demonstrations, but we love finding the right fit!

Then it is onto negotiation and implementation. We have seen it all go pair shaped before and know how to keep implementation on track! Accounting systems, POS systems, Online learning platforms, digital induction & onboarding, Workflow Management, Rostering software and financial reporting systems, Inventory and Asset Management and anything else you need to automate or improve! The scope is the key.


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