People and Culture

Often the Human Resources function in a business is not prioritised at start up or the team get bogged down in the transactional and never get to work at a strategic implementation level.

The Yarraman Group can implement policies, procedures, programs, software and structures to drive desired behaviours across the business. Models are costed and bespoke to the organisation’s goals and size.

Attracting and keeping key talent is often the difference between success and failure – it can happen at any time even in an established business.

Don’t take your foot off the People & Culture pedal!

  • Recruitment services
  • Reward & Recognition Programs
  • Bonus schemes
  • Consultation process
  • Online learning implementation or enhancement
  • Induction & onboarding
  • Re Structure
  • Role descriptions
  • Objective setting
  • Performance Development Plans and Program design
  • Cascading company objectives/ strategic direction


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